Mother RachaelLIBERIA is a country in West Africa which was founded by the American Colonization Society in 1822. Its capital is Monrovia, named after US President James Monroe. Todee District is one of the four districts located in Montserrado County, Liberia. The others are Careysburg, Greater Monrovia, and St. Paul District. Todee District is the first, yet, the least developed of the four districts. There are seven clans in Todee District that include Pleemu, Markoi, Kpo, Fahnsen, Mein, Nyehn and D’ing clan. The district has a population of about 50,000 with subsistence farming as the primary economic activity.

UTA: The Union of Todeeans in the Americas was formally established in Winston-Salem, NC, during its First National Convention held June 24th-25th, 2016 with the desire to maintain the legacy of the late Mother Rachael Famatta Dorkpor Goba. (December 8, 1939 – December 27, 2014). Rachael sought the formation and strengthening of the community of Todee residents in the USA that will promote unity among us for the development of our district. She served the people of Todee with such indescribable dedication, selflessness, and sacrifice. She remained committed and faithful throughout her life to the development and progress of Todee District. Consequently, the birth of UTA to actualize her vision. Our union membership is comprised of Citizens, Former Residents, Students, and Friends of Todee District residing in the Americas or anyone, who supports the mission and purposes to enhance economic empowerment and development within Todee District in the Republic of Liberia.

Mother Rachael