three women in a table arranging papersHistorically, most of the schools in Todee District were built and operated by churches or Christian Missions. However, unlike the public or government schools, the private or Church Missions Schools have reputations for offering a better quality of education, and most Todeeans have earned their rudimentary education from such notable schools, namely: Church of the Living God Mission (CLG)-9th Grade; Killingworth Mission School-9th Grade; June L. Moore Baptist Mission School-6th Grade; and the Presbyterian Todee Mission School (PTMS)-9th or 12th Grade, etc. Over the period of many decades, PTMS was the most recognized in the district, especially during the administration of the longest serving Principal Ametowobla, when the school was elevated from Junior to Senior High levels. It wasn’t until August 31, 2015 when the United Nation International Children Fund (UNICEF) built another high school in Nyehn Town at the cost of $116,000.00 USD.

PTMS was founded in 1945 when Rev. Dr. J.J. Mendescole, a Presbyterian minister, persuaded then Paramount Chief Kpana Goba, to donate land for the establishment of a mission school that would be operated by the Presbytery of Liberia. Mr. Goba had the foresight to bring education opportunities to his people. He followed through on his vision and donated a 200-acre piece of land on the outskirts of Goba Town to make this a reality. In further pursuit of his dream, he personally undertook the building of the Goba Town Presbyterian Church, assisted with constructing the first three buildings on the PTMS campus; and in addition, fed the mission from his own resources for two months.

PTMS was the first and only school then at a high school level in the district. It included grades Kindergarten thru 12th Grade and accommodated 460 students, including 152 boarding students. Also, at its peak, before the gruesome civil wars (1989-2003), PTMS had pipe-borne water, plumbing, and electricity supplied by generators.

To date, in accordance with our vision through UTA, it is our fervent hope that our generosity will demonstrate our belief that perseverance can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacle, that education equals opportunity and that helping others is the key to a meaningful and well-lived life. Hence, because the “love of Todee unites us” we owe it to ourselves to make a difference by giving back to the district and schools that fundamentally nurtured and impacted our lives!

Mother Rachael