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The Union of Todeeans in the Americas was formally established in Winston-Salem, NC during its First National Convention held in June 2016, with the desire to keep alive the legacy of the late Mother Rachael Famatta Dorkpor Goba. Rachael sought the formation and strengthening of a community of Todee residents in the USA that will promote unity among us for the development of our district. She served the people faithfully throughout her life toward the development and progress of Todee District. Consequently, the birth of UTA is the actualization of her vision.

Phases of Development

PHASE 1 (Target 2018)

  • Initiate construction of Arched Gate Sign: “Welcome to Todee District, Home of the Best Palm Oil”.
  • Initiate Hand Pumps “Water Sanitation” in the district.
  • Initiate renovation of Farmer’s Markets in major towns in Todee District.

PHASE 2 (Target 2020)

  • Initiate construction of Rest Centers, such as reading room and computer cafe.
  • Self-Help Project to build Farm-to-Market Roads.
  • Self-Help Project to build or improve existing schools in Todee District.

PHASE 3 (Target 2022)

  • Collaborate with the construction of a gas/utility station.
  • Build or improve existing healthcare centers in Todee District.

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Mother Rachael